Why spread awareness about Right to Information?

One of the projects of LEAF Society deals specifically with spreading awareness about Right to Information Act. Now most people would wonder why it is so important to spread information about a particular act, for an NGO, rather than providing the disadvantaged people with food and clothing. The full form of LEAF, Leadership through Education and Action Foundation, answers that question. Continue reading


Who is taking charge, God or the crystal gazer ?

While god has a special and important place in our lives, there are people who have taken complete control over the lives of people in Namakkal. No, they are not priests or politicians. They are the ‘Vasthu’ consultants. Continue reading

Our droplets become an Ocean

Remember when we were always told to wash our hands before and after our meals, and after using the toilet? Remember, the last time you went for a road trip, and flinched at the sight of the open toilet, or the open field you had to temporarily use as the toilet? Well. that’s the daily regime of over 50% of our population which, defecates in the open.

Continue reading

Age Is Not Just a Number

An unsettling practice surfaced in light of the intervention of Childline 1098 recently.

Last week, as a part of a rescue operation for children from spinning mills in Namakkal, we faced a bit of a trial. We were denied access to the children we wanted to rehabilitate. The authorities claimed that the children were of age ( just above 14), and hence there was no problem with them working there. Continue reading

Survey : Schools & Public Toilets, and Solid Waste Management Practices in Tamil Nadu 2013

This survey assessed the status of public infrastructure facilities in Tamil Nadu. This survey has covered 10 districts, 489 school toilets, 519 public toilets and 57 solid waste infrastructures. Solid waste management practices of 11 municipalities have been covered. Continue reading