Hero of the week: RAMYA-She didn’t need Naukri.com to get a job!

CaptureTrailer: Ramya had one thing in mind after joining college-to stand on her own two feet. But, there was trouble at home. Her grandparents weren’t getting their pension and on top of that, she was totally unaware of the pension schemes. She requested an RTI enquiring about the same.

Plot twist: The postman was vehemently against her going the RTI way. He chided her,  tried to give her fake information regarding RTI, before finally leaving her with a warning.  

What makes her special? Ramya wasn’t deterred by what the postman told her. Even after he threatened her, she decided to use this empowering tool.

Sidekick: Training on the Right to Information Act given by LEAF Society for the youth

Climax: She got information about various pension schemes. She also found a part-time job in a library (managed by the Youth Club). And oh…her grandparents?.. They got their pensions. Her job portal- http://rti.gov.in/

Ramya’s story will remain in the archives of Namakkal’s progress. She got double the reward ( the information required in addition to a job) and her grandparents also were benefited by the pension. If you too have a story to tell, then please do share it with us at hr.leafsociety@gmail.com and inspire others with your story rather than your Facebook posts.

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Our first warrior of “HERO of the week” feature: BHARATWAJ


Trailer: He studies in 8th standard in a remote village in Tamil Nadu. What rights does he want? Right to no home work? Absolutely not. He has exercised a right which many of us wouldn’t use in our entire lives. Any guesses? Continue reading

HERO of the week-A weekly feature of LEAF society


Before I tell you who our hero is, let me ask you something. Who is a hero, according to you? A person who fights with a large bunch of hefty villains and eventually (and somehow) wins? Or someone who woos all the girls in the town?

Well, according to me, a hero is someone who fights when his rights are refused. Even though we get inspired by the rebellious heroes on screen, we never make an effort to change something in our surroundings? Do we?

So, our weekly feature is dedicated to those people who haven’t taken the well-beaten path (by accepting the norm) but instead, decided to change something in their society. They are the warriors whose actions go viral and who inspire people around them. What are you waiting for? Tell us your story and we’ll publish it in our blog. We are all ears to good deeds.


Why spread awareness about Right to Information?

One of the projects of LEAF Society deals specifically with spreading awareness about Right to Information Act. Now most people would wonder why it is so important to spread information about a particular act, for an NGO, rather than providing the disadvantaged people with food and clothing. The full form of LEAF, Leadership through Education and Action Foundation, answers that question. Continue reading

A girl who was forced to be a woman

Anusha*  was always enthusiastic about her studies and so, she decided to join a Polytechnic course after completing her 10th class. Barely 3 months passed and she decided to tie the knot. With a disabled father, a lone working mother and the never supportive economic conditions of her family, made her take this harsh decision. Anusha isn’t the only one who is subject to such conditions. Around 39000 child marriages happen every day in India. Continue reading

Who is taking charge, God or the crystal gazer ?

While god has a special and important place in our lives, there are people who have taken complete control over the lives of people in Namakkal. No, they are not priests or politicians. They are the ‘Vasthu’ consultants. Continue reading

The girl child never seems to catch a break

Wandering Thoughts

Things have come a long way for girls and women in India. Their troubles have seemingly diminished and they are progressing. But is that really true? We have KFC and McDonalds now. Surely, that means we are developed. I mean, we have Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, and all those glorious malls in the metros. And we have come full circle with women taking up leadership roles. The rural areas are probably embracing change as well, right? If only. They remain forgotten and their plight continues to seek solace.  It is a completely different story for this part of the society. Continue reading