These are not only the first interns of the year, but also the first to be a part of the new and improved LEAF Society Internship Program. We are proud to have them on board.

                                                       CONTENT CREATORS


ektaEkta Handa – Ekta likes to call herself a typical Delhi girl. She is a globetrotter and also a foodie.She loves to learn new languages and this love has made her take up a Diploma in Spanish. Being a pampered child in a joint family, she knows how to respect other’s views and at the same time, takes considerable time before accepting a friend request or before being crazy with a person.

Ekta’s decision to undertake a degree in Mass Comm.(after pursuing Science in 10+2) astonished her friends and family, but it did arouse the movie buff in her and also, her love for ‘Film Appreciation’. This decision of hers also meant relief from writing bundles of records and having loads of fun in the college.

While learning Spanish, she gradually developed a love for other languages too. And for her, it’s not just about learning, she also wants to travel to different places and speak in those languages! A convo with a foreigner (by knitting the basics of the language or by signs, at least) is something that she’d want to give a shot at.


Her cool mom. Ekta says that she shares all her secrets with her mom. She considers her mom as a mentor and a best-friend. Ekta also likes to take a “leaf” out of the experiences of others.

She was inspired by the commitment of LEAF and the way it made people independent, thereby helping them in the long run. She joined LEAF to get a peek into an NPO(non profit organization) and also, to get in touch with awesome people, who are filled with enthusiasm and a spirit to make our society and country even better that it is.


Sreelatha Vadapalle Sreelatha is in her final year of BSc (Computer Science). She was brought up in Hyderabad, and being the youngest kid in the family, was constantly teased by her cousins. And though, like any other kid, she was infuriated back then, all that falls in her list of funny memories now.

As they say, variety is the spice of life. So, she loves exploring various kinds of activities instead of doing things limited to a specific field. Sree considers Volleyball as her passion. She started playing volleyball when she was in 7th Class. Eventually, she started falling in love with the game. Though in the beginning, she used to get very nervous while playing outside her school and used to perform badly, but gradually the fear vanished and she became a consistent player, after her Coach showing faith in her by letting her participate in numerous tournaments. She plays for her College team now, and sometimes her teammates wonder how she can be so impassive during the matches. Her proudest moment was when she gave her best in a match against a much tougher team, consisting of all national level players. She cherishes the moments that she had spent with my teammates, and already feels nostalgic, that she will be leaving her college in a few months!

Some of her other hobbies include reading novels, and travelling. She is a foodie, and always on a hunt for a nice place to eat. She enjoys watching sitcoms and horror movies, her favorites being FRIENDS, How I Met Your Mother, Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai, Orphan and The Conjuring. She also has a fondness for Harry Potter books and the characters in it.

Her childhood ambition was to become a pilot in Indian Air Force, so all female pilots in the pictures of Air Force were role models for her. She considers her sister as her mentor, who is always there to boost her morale whenever she is feeling low.

She wanted to join LEAF because she was impressed by the unique ideas of LEAF. The notion of making women and children independent and solving their problems themselves is brilliant.  During her internship at LEAF, she wants to enhance her writing skills, express her ideas, acquire knowledge and contribute towards the betterment of society, no matter how petty the contribution is.

NeerNeer Varshney Neer is a first year law student at Symbiosis Law School Noida. He is currently  working with LEAF Society, as a Content Developer Intern. He is interested in writing on social issues, wanted to work with an NGO, and found the work done by LEAF as quite different from others, and interesting. Neer claims to be a  misanthrope, narcissist, nihilist, and most importantly, a Tolkienian (saying anything against Lord Of The Rings, is punishable by being stoned to death). He is strictly atheist, and does not entertain favors asked in the name of God.

The most difficult thing he had to do in life was to choose a career for him. After hovering over Engineering, Theoretical Physics, Economics, Polity, and English Literature, as graduation options, he, to everyone’s surprise, joined a law school.

He reads extensively, and is a prolific writer. In his leisure, he likes to listen to Sufi Music, Pink Floyd, Beatles, and others who can sing. He also believes that he is always right, and his solution to those who disagree with him, is to hit them on their heads.

He joined LEAF Society with the aim to get more effective knowledge on the matters of rural development in India, how to work as a team, and well , also to have a little fun while doing it.

Also, he believes that he is under the threat of being killed by one or the other person, for being the awesome person that he is, but the police keeps rejecting his concerns, saying that he should go home and play Mario. He has never been able to clear even level 1 of Mario, without external help.


kushagraKushagra Sharan  Kushagra is an engineering student from BIT Mesra Ranchi. A consistent and hard working student, he believes that “Life is a learning curve”. A meritorious student, Kushagra loves listening to music, and is passionate about cricket (who is not?). Kushagra loves spending time with himself, and likes to paint and sketch as well. An extremely adaptable person, Kushagra loves to take up new challenges and puts in his best efforts in everything he does. He got his first book published titled ‘New Age Outreach Mental Ability’, and is also the founder of an educational platform WinforIndia. Besides this he had also worked as an intern with prestigious institutions and published a research paper at all Indian level under the UGC SAP Research Scholarship.

Currently working as an HR intern with LEAF, Kushagra believes that “patience does wonders”. He hopes to work towards a better society, and wants to help LEAF achieve the best of its capabilities. He doesn’t have a role model per se but is hugely inspired by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, he tried to keep himself motivated by the smallest things in life.

A darling of a person, Kushagra is the apple of his parent’s eyes, and his biggest achievement in life is to see his parents proud of him. He strives for excellence and is always working to achieve the best things in life. His creativity, his will to do something, and his hunger to bring change is what keeps him going and makes him an absolute delight for others.


Vignesh Shivakumar Vignesh’s attachment for art ranges from being a master of ceremony during symposiums to being an artist of Hindu idols. He prefers to take charge of his endeavors and he also wants to be a trendsetter.  A passionate speaker and a writer, Vignesh is very religious and considers religion as something that helps him find a balance in life. He likes getting acquainted to different people sharing interests similar to his. People who meet him do not hesitate from saying that he has a strong personality.

The 2 things that catch his interest are MBA and Social relevance. He wants to enrich his planning and people management skills, learn proper interaction ethics and commit to selfless service through the initiatives of LEAF. Giving his best for everything that he does is what prevents him from talking about his highs. His role models include the likes of Carlos Slim, Warren Buffet, Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie, Imran Abbas Naqvi among many. He joined LEAF because of its well-structured functioning and because he wants to bring in a pool of talent in LEAF.

omOm Prakash Reddy Om Prakash Reddy Thadur, popularly known as “Omie” amongst his friends, is a 3rd year B.Tech (Chemical) student at IIT Guwahati. Born on September 18th 1992 (do not forget to wish him happy birthday) in Warangal, Om was brought up in Hyderabad. His father being a Physical Training Teacher, and that a probable interest, Om always had a keen interest in sports (Football, Cricket, Hockey, Chess, etc.). Om is quite fond of travelling, and loves to travel to new and obscure places.

He considers his parents as role models, and gives them all the credit for his success. The beautiful couple worked hard for his future, their way of living, spiritual thoughts made him a more responsible and mature person in the society. His mother is a house wife, and had a dream of pursuing higher studies but couldn’t study because of family reasons.

At one point of time, when he had the choice of opting either for Sports or for Studies, he went with studies. He was most proud when he finally made it to an IIT, making his friends and family also happy and proud. And having excellent sports facilities in his College, he never had to compromise with his passion for sports, keeping him happy and satisfied altogether.

Apart from the above mentioned, one of his more admired qualities is being a bhukkad (aka glutton, everyone living in the hostel is), with the likes of Biryani, Panipuri, etc.

He decided to join LEAF because he was fascinated by the “Adopt a Village” scheme when he was going through the website; he found the project quite unique. He is hoping to meet the expectation level, in his time here, and would be happy if he could contribute something new to the organization which will help in its continued improvement.



Krishna Veni Krishna Veni, an MBA student from Symbiosis Institute Of Media and Communication, Pune, is very energetic and enthusiastic about her work. Having a wide experience of working with NGOs, media firms, event management firm she is one of the social media interns of LEAF.Krishna is very passionate about the social sector and want to effectively make some difference in this field. She believes that providing people education and livelihood opportunities are the best forms of charity. She hopes her association with LEAF is beneficial for her as well as the organisation too. She wants to learn and understand the different challenges and issues faced by NGOs and contribute in solving them. She hopes to learn and practically apply the various marketing and other management concepts she has learnt.

An extremely charming person, she finds it difficult to talk about herself. Krishna loves to read and watch movies and absolutely loves food and still manages to look fit, she reads a lot, and loves to explore “not-so-popular” places, Cherrapunji being her favorite till date. She is fond of writing, and wants to make her time in the world count. She wishes to help the deprived sections of the society and constantly work towards it.


Spandan Chowdhury is a Computer Science and Engineering student from National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, West Bengal, India. Gadgets turn him on and he love science and technology.  His other interests include sports and psychology. Spandan’s thirst for the development sector directed him towards LEAF. He passionately states his desire to work for the poor and underprivileged and claims that LEAF was his first choice. He wants to use his knowledge of the social media space to promote LEAF effectively and in the process acquire more expertise in the same, so that he can continue to progress professionally and personally. He expresses his deep concern for the undesirable conditions of the rural population, particularly women and children, and hopes to reach out to changemakers through this platform in order to gain more insight.


If you want to be a part of the LEAF Society Team, please follow any one of the following steps:

  1. Use the contact form on this blog
  2. Visit our website at
  3. Visit our Facebook Page at and leave us a message
  4. Email us at

Thank you and keep spreading the word!


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