Hero of the week: RAMYA-She didn’t need Naukri.com to get a job!

Trailer: Ramya had one thing in mind after joining college-to stand on her own two feet. But, there was trouble at home. Her grandparents weren’t getting their pension and on top of that, she was totally unaware of the pension schemes. She requested an RTI enquiring about the same. Plot twist: The postman was vehemently […]

Our first warrior of “HERO of the week” feature: BHARATWAJ

   Trailer: He studies in 8th standard in a remote village in Tamil Nadu. What rights does he want? Right to no home work? Absolutely not. He has exercised a right which many of us wouldn’t use in our entire lives. Any guesses?

HERO of the week-A weekly feature of LEAF society

Before I tell you who our hero is, let me ask you something. Who is a hero, according to you? A person who fights with a large bunch of hefty villains and eventually (and somehow) wins? Or someone who woos all the girls in the town? Well, according to me, a hero is someone who […]