Poverty, Fear, and the Illegal Cruelty of Child Marriage

Almost half of the world’s child brides come from India. And almost half of the girls in India are married before they reach age 18.

The tradition of child marriage has deep and tenacious roots in the rural villages of India.

The world has changed dramatically since child marriage became part of the culture. Yet many of the provincial poor cling to the old ways. Continue reading


How Women Entrepreneurs are Changing India

Perhaps they run companies making homespun products such as crafts, crocheted clothing, or bridal creations.

They might do business in fields such as accounting, advertising, and software.

Maybe they’re founders of innovative start-ups like NextDrop or Samasource.

They could be CFOs and managers at multi-national corporations like PepsiCo and HSBC.

No matter what the size or focus of their endeavours, women entrepreneurs are changing the face of business in India.

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