HERO of the week-A weekly feature of LEAF society


Before I tell you who our hero is, let me ask you something. Who is a hero, according to you? A person who fights with a large bunch of hefty villains and eventually (and somehow) wins? Or someone who woos all the girls in the town?

Well, according to me, a hero is someone who fights when his rights are refused. Even though we get inspired by the rebellious heroes on screen, we never make an effort to change something in our surroundings? Do we?

So, our weekly feature is dedicated to those people who haven’t taken the well-beaten path (by accepting the norm) but instead, decided to change something in their society. They are the warriors whose actions go viral and who inspire people around them. What are you waiting for? Tell us your story and we’ll publish it in our blog. We are all ears to good deeds.



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