A call that mattered


“Time with Director will be rare. Please attend the call.”

After hearing this, I was much more keen to talk to the Director. As content developers, we wanted to know how LEAF Society functioned internally so that we can let others know about it too.

We had to initiate the discussion by asking the questions that we had in our minds.There was a momentary silence during which I wondered, “What is happening and why is no one asking anything?”  Mustering up my courage, I asked the first question – “How does a typical day at LEAF look like?”

The director complimented that it was a nice question and I had a silent burst of pride.

After he explained how his work spans over different activities, I realized the intensity of his work. A day at LEAF isn’t just about enrolling an affected child at school or about holding a placard and spreading awareness about an issue.One single day has an impact on several people. Every day on ground was a battle. Every day addressed each project with his presence and supervision. His words (& his  actions too) were very inspiring.

I always yearned for stories that narrated the genesis of an NGO. ‘Why’ or ‘What’ were the main questions that would run through my mind. Why did they choose this path?.. What motivated them?.. I just knew I needed to find out the story behind LEAF Society.

It so happened that the Director noticed a vast difference between the deeds of donor agencies/NGOs and their claims. He wanted to establish an organization that strictly adhered to its policies. This is how LEAF Society was born.

But the journey wasn’t, and isn’t, a piece of cake. There were times when they had to perpetuate their struggle for hours to stop a child marriage and times when they faced opposition from the concerned authorities themselves. It was very shocking for me. (I mean, who would stop people from doing such good work?) When asked to share ‘cases’ solved by LEAF Society, little did we know that we were asking for war stories.

There was one more question that was floating around in my mind. There was a tiny tug-of-war happening as I wasn’t sure if the question would be appropriate. After several minutes of pondering, checking and re-checking with my sister, I put forth this question – “What keeps you going in spite of so many hurdles?

Now the main reason that I was skeptical about that question was that, I didn’t want it to sound as if I meant that it would be easier not to bother. However, the Director spoke after a beat. Mr. Nesan replied that he realized very prematurely that, children are the agents of change. They make or break trends, innovations and conventions. If they could be positively influenced, then the roots of every problem that plagues the common man, can be cut.

I was thoroughly intrigued and wished I was on-ground for this battle. The team was definitely heroic. The Director signed off saying that he considered us equally heroic and just as important as the team on-ground. That… made my day.


Sree is currently pursuing graduation in Computer Science.She loves playing volleyball,travelling,watching sitcoms and also,expressing her views.


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