Do you know Komal?

LEAF Society is proud to have ChildLine as its partner for its Child Protection Project.  


The girl child never seems to catch a break

Wandering Thoughts

Things have come a long way for girls and women in India. Their troubles have seemingly diminished and they are progressing. But is that really true? We have KFC and McDonalds now. Surely, that means we are developed. I mean, we have Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, and all those glorious malls in the metros. And we have come full circle with women taking up leadership roles. The rural areas are probably embracing change as well, right? If only. They remain forgotten and their plight continues to seek solace.  It is a completely different story for this part of the society. Continue reading

Short Film – Cooking Death?

Watch this four minute LEAF Society Original Video that sheds light on the existing gender disparity and its effects. The video also subtly  acknowledges pollution, though the central theme is one of gender isolation.



Open House with Childline 1098

Open house is an activity continued after the school sensitization campaign in a village. Children are encouraged to share issues such as violation of rights, lack of protection, etc.

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