Age Is Not Just a Number

An unsettling practice surfaced in light of the intervention of Childline 1098 recently.

Last week, as a part of a rescue operation for children from spinning mills in Namakkal, we faced a bit of a trial. We were denied access to the children we wanted to rehabilitate. The authorities claimed that the children were of age ( just above 14), and hence there was no problem with them working there.

Going by the books, we see that the Child Marriage Prohibition Act and Juvenile Justice Act provide a sanctuary for children and young adults upto the age of 18. Voting rights and Driving Licenses aren’t provided till they reach 18 as well.

The disparity and our confusion lies in the realisation of the fact that the Right to Education Act in India, however, provides education for those children only till the age of 14. Many children continue to be exploited because of this.

Support LEAF Society and help us right this wrong.


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