Water & Sanitation Societies of LEAF Society

LEAF Society realizes that hygiene services, such as access to water and flushing toilets, needs to be a top priority for rural families in India. None of the banks would invest in toilets, nor would they finance individuals to purchase them because there was no fixed investment on return according to them. Money is being spent instead on festivals or mobile devices and TVs. LEAF Society formed 10 women societies which were able to gain access to loans in order to construct toilets and household water connections. Without any other external funding, 15 toilets and 7 water connections have been created so far.

LEAF Society launched a project called ‘Credit for Creating Hygiene Assests’ among villages with nominal interest, which will exclusively provide support for creating hygiene assets like latrines, bathroom, incinerators, Urine Diversion Dry latrines, rain water harvesting, water connections, etc. Because of the progress LEAF Society has made, NABARD bank sanctioned a loan to construct 150 toilets, the first of its kind.



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