Building a Responsive Governance Ecosystem: Reflections from Select Social Accountability Experiments in India

This report, created by OneWorld Foundation India, describes the dire and grim circumstances of many people living in impoverished conditions. Many social programs were put into place only to not reach their intended beneficiaries due to government corruption and ignorance. The researchers who conducted this study through many trial and error techniques were finally successful. OneWorld Foundation India, through their extraordinary efforts, was able to provide overall awareness globally.

The  objective of  this  research oriented study  is  to  “understand the  social accountability approaches and outcomes, and develop knowledge resources to be harnessed in mainstreaming  governance accountability of public institutions of India.” This report encompasses many strategies for strengthening transparency and accountability. A major tool that was utilized was the Social Accountability approach. The Affilated Network for Social Accountability South Asia Region, funded by the World Bank Institute, promotes citizen efforts in making public institutions accountable for public services. Researchers conducted focus group discussions, interviews, and surveys related to the varying projects.

The network aims to achieve the objectives through:

1.       Provisioning of project grants to civil society organisations,

2.       Training and skill building of both state and civil society institutions,

3.     Conducting and disseminating research to advance the field of social accountability.

           LEAF Society is one of nine partners who helped ANSA with its study.


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