Age Is Not Just a Number

An unsettling practice surfaced in light of the intervention of Childline 1098 recently.

Last week, as a part of a rescue operation for children from spinning mills in Namakkal, we faced a bit of a trial. We were denied access to the children we wanted to rehabilitate. The authorities claimed that the children were of age ( just above 14), and hence there was no problem with them working there. Continue reading


Building a Responsive Governance Ecosystem: Reflections from Select Social Accountability Experiments in India

This report, created by OneWorld Foundation India, describes the dire and grim circumstances of many people living in impoverished conditions. Many social programs were put into place only to not reach their intended beneficiaries due to government corruption and ignorance. The researchers who conducted this study through many trial and error techniques were finally successful. OneWorld Foundation India, through their extraordinary efforts, was able to provide overall awareness globally. Continue reading

Water & Sanitation Societies of LEAF Society

LEAF Society realizes that hygiene services, such as access to water and flushing toilets, needs to be a top priority for rural families in India. None of the banks would invest in toilets, nor would they finance individuals to purchase them because there was no fixed investment on return according to them. Money is being spent instead on festivals or mobile devices and TVs. Continue reading

Survey : Schools & Public Toilets, and Solid Waste Management Practices in Tamil Nadu 2013

This survey assessed the status of public infrastructure facilities in Tamil Nadu. This survey has covered 10 districts, 489 school toilets, 519 public toilets and 57 solid waste infrastructures. Solid waste management practices of 11 municipalities have been covered. Continue reading